Manufacturing 4Matic Brand Pneumatic Actuator with High Temperature & Corrosion Resistant model

Pneumatic Actuator valve Exporter in Nashik, Maharashtra

Pneumatic actuators use air power to produce rotary and linear motion. In the broadest sense, an air cylinder is a pneumatic actuator. For the purpose of this article, pneumatic actuators that are intended to produce rotary motion for operating valves, for automating manufacturing, for clamping work, etc. There are many types of pneumatic actuators available but two of the functionality actuators are most common that are Single Acting and Double Acting. The single acting actuator is also known as the spring return actuator because there is a spring and it needs only one sided compressed air supply. The compressed air pushes the actuator to either open or close. 

When the air supply stops, the spring pushes the actuator to its earliest position. The double acting actuator needs two sided air supply to open and close it. The pneumatic air system is cost efficient, spark free, and is sustainable in the hazardous and flammable environment in comparison to other energy sources. Pneumatic Rotary Actuator rotates 90°C to 180°C to operate the valve with just the compressed air. Hence it has a low cost and low maintenance which in turn saves electricity and gives a fast movement as compared to the motorized actuators. The Pneumatic actuators are spark free which makes it easily usable in a hazardous environment and is also safe for atomic plants. It has a smooth working without any extra noise.

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