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A gate valve is a type of valve that uses a gate or wedge type disc to initiate or stop fluid flow in piping. The disc moves perpendicular to the flow.

In any process plant, the most common form of valve is a gate valve. It’s a linear motion valve that allows you to start or stop the flow of fluid. These valves are either fully open or closed when in service.

The disc of a gate valve is completely separated from the flow when it is fully open. As a result, there is almost little resistance to flow. When fluid travels through a gate valve, the pressure lowers relatively little as a result of this.
When the valve is fully closed, 360° surface contact between the disc and the seats is required for good sealing.

Because precise control is impossible with gate valves, they should not be used for flow regulation or throttling. The partially open valve’s high velocity of flow may cause erosion of the disc and seating surfaces, as well as vibration and noise.

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