Jacketed Ball Valves Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Jacketed Ball Valves Exporter in Malaysia

We are main manufacturer of Jacketed Ball Valves that assures the regular valve for heating or cooling of the system media to save you crystallization or seizing of go with the drift media. These valves are thoroughly layout to assist the excessive temperature steam or oil flow over the valve ball & frame parts to preserve the media liquid. This applies mainly to media like bitumen and liquid sulfur. In addition, the green flow of media is ensured thru the removal of pockets. 

It is available in sorts one is Type A jacketed valves that are used with swaged and non-decreasing insert-flanged jacketed piping where huge system temperature tiers are acceptable. Whereas the Type B includes Full Jacket, Jacket-Size Flanges. The valve frame is prolonged and the flanges are changed with oversize flanges.

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